Friday, October 2, 2015

Back To Linwood Park for the 2015 Painting Retreat

I organized another painting retreat with my local plein air painting group. This year, we returned to Linwood Park in Vermilion Ohio right on Lake Erie. I took far fewer photos this year. I wanted to enjoy the experience and not play photographer!

We had a spectacular time! The weather was perfect and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, making new friendships! Most of us normally only spend a couple hours painting on Saturdays and never really get to know each other, but this retreat really gave them time to learn about each other.
 This retreat offered three nights and two whole days painting! I never seem to get much painting done on the first day. I was busy getting everyone settled in and I was enjoying the camaraderie. Next time, I am going to reserve for 3-4 whole days.

I only painted a couple things. My first day were two "wipers", but finally did a little 5x7 pastel on Pastelbord.
The second day, I stood on the beach and painted this scene with a kayak and a inner tube thing in the weeds. Not sure that reads right, but I am very happy with this painting. I need to get studio photo of this painting.

9x12, oil on gessoed board
Everyone did an outstanding job painting! Here are some snapshots of the tables we loaded with new art! There were oil paintings, pastel paintings, watercolors, and sketches.